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about the secret scoiety of paper cuts
The Secret Society of Paper Cuts ( SSoPC ) is an imaginary group of people who explore the world while documenting paper craft techniques.
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Journals are periodically released by the SSoPC. These how-to workbooks detail various fun paper tutorials along with the misanthropic adventures of our more esteemed members.

Membership to the SSoPC is completely flexible and based on open public interest. A person becomes a member of the SSoPC when they purchase a SSoPC book.

about the author crankbunny

Some things in life are slick, polished & blatantly obvious. But for Norma V. Toraya, who’s known as Crankbunny, these are exactly the things she shies away from. Crankbunny is more inclined to explore storytelling through curiosity & timeless concepts while working as an animator & paper artist.

Crankbunny created
the SSoPC to inspire imagination in others while sharing various paper craft techniques.

To learn more about Crankbunny’s paper
and animation work
- click here.

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